Being a parent

We're proud to introduce our campaign's first video ad, titled "Being a Parent":  

When our children and grandchildren grow up and decide where they'd like to live, I want them to choose Leon County.  As our next County Commissioner, I'll focus on reducing crimestrengthening neighborhoodshelping local businesses create high-quality, high-paying jobsprotecting our environment; and restoring trust and credibility to local government.  By focusing on these priorities, we can make our community a better place not just for ourselves, but also for our children in the future.

But I need your help to win the election on August 28th.  To help us place this ad on TV and social media, please make a donation to the campaign by clicking herePlease consider making a contribution of $50, $25 or whatever you can -- any amount will make a difference!

Thanks very much for your support!


Rick Minor