An incredible win! What’s next? A recount and “mobile office hours”.

Thanks to you, on Election Night our campaign secured enough votes to win outright!  I simply can’t express how grateful I am for your support.

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Leon County as a tech cluster? It's possible

The following OpEd appeared in the Tallahassee Democrat today, August 24th, 2018:  

Leon County as a tech cluster?  It’s possible

By Rick Minor

It is August 24th, in the year 2038.  The Civic Center is hosting a tech conference that has captured the world’s attention.  The Wall Street Journal, in anticipation of the event, has proclaimed Tallahassee as “America’s Best Mid-Sized City for Innovation”.  

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Rick Minor Campaign Goes 'Carbon Neutral'

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                      

August 9, 2018                                                                                             

PRESS RELEASE: Rick Minor Campaign Goes 'Carbon Neutral’

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Today Rick Minor, candidate for Leon County Commission, District 3, announced that his campaign will commit to being ‘carbon neutral’.  After the election, his campaign will calculate the amount of carbon emissions generated by its operations and will purchase offsets from Sustainable Tallahassee to fund local carbon reduction projects.  The offsets – with an estimated total cost of $350 – will effectively negate the campaign's carbon footprint.

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A Great Endorsement

Maddie_on_Lake_Ella_tree_limb.JPGYesterday morning, Madeline told my wife that she wanted to wear her "Rick Minor" t-shirt to school. When my wife asked her why, Madeline said, "Because I want Daddy to get elected to the County Commission!" #TooCute

Rick Minor Endorsed by Six Local Leaders

Today Rick's campaign announced endorsements from six local leaders.


“Rick Minor is a strong community leader who is focused on the issues we care about,” said Allison Tant, former Chair of the Leon County Democratic Party and the Florida Democratic Party.  We need his leadership on the County Commission.  Vote for Rick on August 28th!”

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We're on TV with our first ad!

If you watched the news shows on TV this morning, you may have seen our first ad, titled "Being a Parent".

Please help us get the word out by making a contribution today!  Please click here or on the "DONATE" button below.  $100, $50, $25 or anything you can do WILL make a difference!  


Thank you for your support, and I look forward to working with you to make Leon County an even better place to live.


Rick Minor

Major Endorsement from Retirees' Alliance!

Today we received the endorsement of the Florida Alliance For Retired Americans


A statement from Barbara DeVane, Recording Secretary of FLARA:

"Rick Minor understands the challenges faced by Leon County's retirees and he has a great deal of experience working on issues that are important to seniors.  He will work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for retirees, and we enthusiastically endorse him for Leon County Commission, District 3."


Endorsed by Labor!

I'm very proud to have received the endorsement of the Northwest Florida Federation of Labor! A statement from Samuel Neimeiser, President of the organization’s Big Bend Chapter:

"Leon County’s elected officials must increase their focus on helping the middle class and those striving to enter the middle class. For Leon County Commission District 3, Rick Minor is by far the best choice. He’ll ensure that our local government works for the people who live here. If you believe that a strong middle class is essential for a robust local economy, vote for Rick Minor on August 28th."


At the Florida AFL-CIO office

Endorsements from Police and Firefighters!

TWO MAJOR ENDORSEMENTS from our POLICE and FIREFIGHTERS: It’s an incredible honor to be endorsed today by the Bigbend Pba AND the Tallahassee Professional Fire Fighters! As County Commissioner, I will work closely with Leon County’s first responders to keep our families safe. #VoteAugust28th


Being a parent

We're proud to introduce our campaign's first video ad, titled "Being a Parent":  

When our children and grandchildren grow up and decide where they'd like to live, I want them to choose Leon County.  As our next County Commissioner, I'll focus on reducing crimestrengthening neighborhoodshelping local businesses create high-quality, high-paying jobsprotecting our environment; and restoring trust and credibility to local government.  By focusing on these priorities, we can make our community a better place not just for ourselves, but also for our children in the future.

But I need your help to win the election on August 28th.  To help us place this ad on TV and social media, please make a donation to the campaign by clicking herePlease consider making a contribution of $50, $25 or whatever you can -- any amount will make a difference!

Thanks very much for your support!


Rick Minor