Rick Minor Campaign Goes 'Carbon Neutral'

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August 9, 2018                                                                                             

PRESS RELEASE: Rick Minor Campaign Goes 'Carbon Neutral’

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Today Rick Minor, candidate for Leon County Commission, District 3, announced that his campaign will commit to being ‘carbon neutral’.  After the election, his campaign will calculate the amount of carbon emissions generated by its operations and will purchase offsets from Sustainable Tallahassee to fund local carbon reduction projects.  The offsets – with an estimated total cost of $350 – will effectively negate the campaign's carbon footprint.

Like most human activities, a political campaign’s operations generate greenhouse gases.  Producing yard signs, driving to events, and printing/mailing campaign mail pieces all produce carbon emissions which contribute to climate change.

“I wanted to show Leon County voters that my campaign is doing its part to reduce the effects of climate change,” said Minor.  “It’s a small step, really, but it sets an example that we hope other candidates will follow.  Perhaps in the future, Leon County voters will expect all of their local candidates to commit to carbon neutral campaigns.”

The calculation of the campaign’s carbon footprint will be performed once the County Commission District 3 race has concluded.  Minor's campaign estimates that, by that time, it will have produced about 25 metric tons of carbon emissions.  It will then purchase carbon offsets from Sustainable Tallahassee’s Community Carbon Fund at a cost of $14 per metric ton, for an estimated total of $350.  Sustainable Tallahassee will use those funds to invest in local projects that reduce the community’s greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information about Sustainable Tallahassee's Community Carbon Fund, please visit: https://sustainabletallahassee.org/ccffaq.

NOTE: As a 501(c)3 organization, Sustainable Tallahassee, Inc. does not endorse political candidates.  The organization’s receipt of funds from Rick Minor’s campaign for carbon offsets does not imply endorsement of him or his campaign.